Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A tour to europe!!

A shot of the alien spider outside the Guggenheim Bilbao Spain, Europe.

Monaco is a country in Western Europe located along the French Riviera between the Mediterranean Sea and France. It is one of six microstates located in Europe. Monaco is one of the most expensive places on Earth. As of February 2007, Monaco had Europe's most expensive real estate, ahead of even London. The principality is often regarded as a tax heaven, and most of its inhabitants are millionaires from other countries.

Making tracks up to the rooftop of Europe. We walked round the side of the mountain at the very instant the clouds lifted to reveal the face of the the Aiguille d'Argentière. Whatever you do, don't run at this height some travelers often collapse from a lack of oxygen. The Aiguille d'Argentière (3,901 m) is a mountain in the Mont Blanc massif on the border between France and Switzerland.

It is not often that art and nature are in such complete harmony as in Park Wilhelmshöhe. The hillside park ranks among the major creations of landscape design. The Wilhelmshöhe Berg Park is unique throughout the world. It covers an area of 240 hectares and extends to the Habichtswald nature reserve. Part of the park – 100 hectares – is also an official health resort. The park itself contains over 600 different types of trees and is regarded as Europe’s largest hillside park. Schloss Wilhelmshöhe is a palace near the city of Kassel in Germany.